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Why is Maintenence Important?

Your vehicle is like the human body, it needs to be looked after or it will not perform to the best of its ability.

"A Toyota was brought in the other day because it had overheated. We found there was very little water in the cooling system and had no coolant (antifreeze) to keep the system clean. As a result, the head gasket had blown, which meant big dollars had to be spent to put the Toyota back on the road. Some simple maintenance would have avoided the problem and would have saved the owner a lot of time and money."

Services on the modern vehicle are starting to stretch out from 10,000km to 15,000km, with higher quality oils.

"Peter Graham, owner of a new Jeep, came in frustrated with a surging problem. What the vehicle was doing when he was driving along the motorway, was similar to putting your foot on the throttle and then releasing it all the time, but of course he knew this was not right. This only started happening when he had his vehicle serviced down in the country. What we found was the engine oil did not suit his vehicle and after replacing the oil with the suitable oil, all was well."